What is Canada famous for??

Canada is a very beautiful country, in this country there are lots of mountain ranges, prairies, and forests. In these areas there are lots of animal such as moose, beaver, caribou, polar bears, grizzly bears, Canada goose, Canada Lynx and the common loon. The beaver’s  status originated from the fact that much of Canada’s early history was famouse for  fur trade with beaver fur. This fur was then used to make hats fashionable in Europe. Another reason for the beaver’s status in Canadian is famouse  is that it is a symble for  industry, this is because they construct dams and lodges. Beavers appear on the reverse of Canadian nickels, which are 5 cent pieces.

Canada is also famous for the sports hockey and lacrosse, which I mentioned before.One other thing which Canada is famous for is producing natural recurses, such as maple syrup. it is also famous for the maple leaf, which is on the Canadian flag.

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